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50 Building/Decorations In Minecraft!



  1. make some things in mcpe aka mincraft PE

  2. WOW! U R KOOL 😃😃😃👍🏻🏆🏆🏆👏🏻📽💻📲

  3. Aolani Gurrola

    Can u make more ill subscribe

  4. Racing champion


  5. Racing champion

    Do you breathe

  6. Jenniffer Valdes


  7. I actually have a better sink design. You put a 4×3 wall and put two hoppers in the middle, so they're touching the ground/floor. Then you put signs and item frames on them, and then put carpet or something inside the frames. Now for a mirror you place packed ice. The hoppers actually work as sinks, since you can toss things inside of them

    you're welcome :)

  8. CreeperGrimm 113

    You got a new fan! 👍🏻 (by that I mean subscriber)

  9. what kind of minecraft is this?

  10. what kind of minecraft is this?

  11. akınkayra ÜLGER

    thank you

  12. reyhanfidan reyhan

    nice job i learned so many things my house is so beautiful now thanks so much bye :)))

  13. Useful stuff however do we need these ideas

  14. derpy looking laps lol

  15. I remember watching you for the hunger game pods a while back, glad to be on this channel again with the cool ideas!!!

  16. 🙂 you are the best

  17. I added a minecart to the bathtub and now I can sit in it

  18. Nojus Ramanauskas

    not bad

  19. Shelby Newcomb

    thanks for the tips for my mine craft house

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