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6 Amazing Cooking Tricks



  1. RileyGlitterUnicorn Jane

    #4 You cut the top off the Kiwi and scoop the inside out with a spoon and eat.

  2. Lilit Ghasumyan

    OMG what kind of secrets there are

  3. Or ya know you could just peel the banana and slice it with a knife

  4. great

  5. Im wondering, if I shake my chicken thighs, oil and seasoned flour in a can…. in 2 minutes, would I get crispy Fried Chickens? lol 😀
    anyway, great stuff! thanks for sharing!

  6. really amazing

  7. TealCyanAqua Animations12345

    paprika? thats an indonesian word XD

  8. Jordan Willoughby

    For the last trick, instead of cooking it, you can just put it in hot water, then in about 5 mins, put it in cold water then pull apart the skin

  9. cool cool

  10. awesome

  11. that's not paprika it's capsicum 😂😂

  12. Mischa Yna Acosta

    oh thats cool

  13. WarriorFlowerstar

    Does the potato trick work with sweet potatoes, too?

  14. Pomada Rattanachote

    The potato i try i just cant do it

  15. nice viedeo

  16. Ryouzou Clutch

    the banana trick is wasting time..why don't u just cut it?

  17. Se nanam sauh taih ihh

  18. AWESOME! I will definitely try these tricks out. Thanks!

  19. Anita S. (Anita3kids)

    +How to make sushi Cutting the skin of the potato & cooking ,aren't you losing the nutrients that way by infusing more water into it

  20. Nadia Kamalfc1234

    that's from buzzfeed

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