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  1. I love your channel, your style. I have tried for over a month to get someone to call me back from your office. I am a serious Client looking to hire one of your staff to redecorate my Jamul, CA home. Please return my call. Left message with Jason from ALICIA. Will try again.

  2. The difference between the before and after is startling.

  3. love it!! The curtain idea is a no no, because that would be a safety feature. i travel a lot and i wouldn't like the space behind the curtain. Someone could be hiding around the corner. U have to remember there are reasons for designs in hotel rooms. Great job other wise.

  4. Only issue with the curtains/desk…you wouldn't be able to close the curtains any more, because the desk would be in the way. And travelers don't want to be woken at dawn by light coming in—plus, they want privacy. Otherwise, great!

  5. u r good

  6. beckyluvstoscrapnsew

    I hope you left it that way…they would have learnt something, it looks way better than before with no added expense.

  7. Norma Halliburton

    A little bit of thought about 5mins of time and boom! Looks so much better, Hilton would be absolutely bonkers not to take these small changes on board.

  8. wish you were my sister. ☺

  9. SusanBailey AmazingEstate

    This was probably your most educational video yet, at least for my learning style. I was able to understand WHY some things worked and others didn't. Thanks

  10. Great marketing idea!

  11. yep! those small changes made such a difference. it made the room look more expensive, even with the same ol inexpensive pieces! more inviting and relaxing. I've noticed that you take your curtains and shower curtains to the ceiling. I plan to do that with all of mine when I'm blessed with a place of my own. thanks!

  12. Nothing like going into a room and re-decorate.  Love what you did.   Did you leave it that way?I am so impressed with your decorating and design ideas.  So nice to see big changes without breaking the bank.Wish you could come and do my home for me.   You are AMAZING!

  13. Loving the magic Rebecca creates everywhere she goes, making a more beautiful world. Thank you Rebecca

  14. big difference!! little things are really important for a huge improvement!! great job!! I love how you explain all that you do!!

  15. The design is much better but I really don't feel comfortable with my back to doors.

  16. Caren Northcutt

    I absolutely love this!  The woman can't help herself!  It's in the blood!  And her suggestions were valid.

  17. swaggalicious3609


  18. J5353Dominguez

    I might try that the next time I stay anywhere.

  19. Love it! I would've left it like that too.

  20. I loved your idea, the room looked totally different. You are very talented.

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