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Bedroom on a Budget! | DIY Home Decor | Mr Kate



  1. Georgia Schenkel

    Omg!!!! So pretty. Plz come do my room! Lol

  2. Leanne Ramnarine

    Really, really fantastic room makeover. Heading upstairs to make some changes!

  3. For some reason,Mr Kate is like a drunk version of Ashley Tisdale when she was in High School Musical.😂😂😂

  4. You look like Bella Thorne

  5. triciaclarke94

    I'd like you to come re-design my 2,100 sq ft space. This was an awesome makeover!!!! Tricia

  6. can I have it plz

  7. This cost them $226.87. This only accounts for the things that they told us the cost of. They didn't say how much the side tables, the desk chair, the lamps were. These are the most expensive things! Not really a budget! 

  8. I love it!!!

  9. Please come do my room 😭😭😭

  10. things add up….not really a budget…

  11. I would never ever go to my room if it was like this, I am scared of ruining it! Lol

  12. What budget is this? Lord have mercy, I can't even afford the woven wall art.

  13. i didnt watch till the end so i dont know this is you mentioned it, but how much did this cost in all? im moving and im having my own bedrrom for the first time and i want it to be stylish and these are the exact colors i wanted for my room before watching this video! how weird?!?! it would be great if you could tell me where you got some stuff and how much it cost in all. THANKS +Mr. Kate  oh, i remember now that most of it was from target, sorry. was all of it from target, though? THANKS, agian… sorry, lol!

  14. Garrison Hoener

    Is she a transvesttite

  15. Why is she called Mr Kate

  16. marilyn gazelle

    on a budget 😐 ?

  17. I'm not going to do all this, because I don't have that much money, but thanks for the ideas! I love the table!

  18. why MR? and not MS?

  19. Jessica Taylor

    Why are u called Mr Kate? 💕

  20. Amelia Pozniak

    where did you get that white and gold globe from?? It's so adorable!!

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