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Best of Modern Small Living Room Design Ideas



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  1. Meant so called small living rooms

  2. These so called living rooms bigger then mine lol

  3. These are not "small" living rooms. My whole apartment could fit inside these living rooms.

  4. can anyone tell me the name or where I can find the furniture from 0:080:12?

  5. 1:00 but instead of blue, i like light pink of yellow or orange

  6. My is big

  7. in USA they have gigantic rooms which they call small rooms !

  8. love 0.36 secs on the video, and 1.41 +  2.19.    At 3.28 that big curtain is a good idea for a wide window.  Wonderwhat colour the walls are at 4.07 I have to start thinking of a decent wall colour to make a room look bigger.Good video nice photos.

  9. Yeah, these rooms are veeerrryyyyy small!

  10. Miss Robin Martz

    These are NOT small rooms compared to MY tiny living room!

  11. Good but these are not small rooms. 

  12. Manohar Balakrishnan

    Good looking 


    This is good and well frnished room not small.but wellspes .its very good.like well and good. Thanks

  14. The room does not seem small at all hahahaha

  15. super music

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