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  1. The wait staff is always very accommodating on Carnival. There was one night in where the vegetable that came with my meal wasn't my favorite, it was artichoke hearts, so I asked for steamed asparagus instead. They were more than happy to make the switch.


  3. Great video – very good points for you who are first time cruisers. My favorite – remember what Sheri says about asking kindly and politely! Cruise ship staff are eager to please and want you to have an excellent vacation, BUT they work very hard 7 days a week and don't get a lot of time off. Remember to be grateful for their service and that they are people first. Too many cruisers get spoiled and have a sense of entitlement – try to remember that these folks are far from their families for MONTHS at a time and smile, please and thank-you NEVER go out of style. They don't HAVE to accommodate your requests – but 99% of the time they do so appreciate it! And if you are able it is always nice to slip them an extra tip or leave behind some goodies in your state room for them like lotions, soaps, shampoo, a memento from your home state or even a prepaid calling card. Little things mean a lot because turnaround day is a busy one and they don't get much time to shop for stuff in port!

  4. Is the main dining included in the price of the cruise? I went on a Carnival cruise two years ago and skipped it all together because I thought it was an extra cost. We have booked another cruise with Carnival for this May and that would be some good information to know!

  5. The Main Dining Room can just about pay for your cruise if you shopped it out on land, and I'm talking dinner alone.   I was expecting a mid quality Vegas buffet only, and was pleasantly surprised.   Carnival soups are outstanding, I may occasionally order 2 appetizers next time now that I know.

    On our mid October cruise out of San Juan, the majority of people who chose timed dining never showed up.   I guess people are more comfortable on the lido deck or in their rooms for comfort and convenience?   I even met a couple who said they prefer junk food, hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza because "they're on vacation!"   Glad someone is subsidizing the better food, which is honestly even better than Royal Caribbean in my opinion.   RCL had a higher turnout, which is why they probably can't afford it.

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