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Decorating Our Home On A Budget: Living Room



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  1. I love everything. I would lower the mirror that hangs over the credenza. It's a little high up.

  2. Love your easy going personality, creativity, style, resourcefulness and the way u say "cur – ins"

  3. I LOVED how your living room looked when you first moved in 🙂 maybe im just wierd

  4. what you did with the book cases is great


  6. Wow, I am an fireplace designer and I design a lot of built-ins. Your idea of framing out existing shelving to look like built-ins is AWESOME! I have the same situation with a customer that loves her shelves and won't part with them because they function for her. Right now they look awkward, but framing around them is a fantastic idea!!! Thank you!

  7. very nice well done love the book shelves I'm doing that thanks again

  8. Beautiful and so creative

  9. wow!! thanks for sharing the before and after….really helpful.

  10. Gift Princess Buhman

    so cool and creative. I wanna collab too in the future hehehe 😸

  11. wow! you are very creative! bravo! i love your video

  12. one of my favorite videos! Full of inspiration! I have always wanted built in bookshelves and soon we will be closing on our first house and I plan on building me some. thanks

  13. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    You inspire me!! I am a Super thrifty diy senior (68 and very proud of it) I have been decorating on a budget since the 60's. My apartments have been Beautiful, everyone says so, and I agree,lol. So thank you n pls keep your videos comming.

  14. Wow! What talent! I loved seeing your out of the box ideas Hillary! Thank you!!! You have inspired me to frequent my goodwill:-)

  15. I absolutely love what you did! Nice job.

  16. Thank you! I just moved into a place that is more than twice the size of the old place. Too much space to fill, great ideas. Love the brightness! Thank you!

  17. OMG!! Your living room looks amazing! So adorable!! You did a great job. I love how clean it looks. Will definitely come back to check out your other videos and hopefully get inspired!

  18. awesome!

  19. Hi Hilary! I literally just youtubed how to decorate on a budget and it brought me to your channel. I'm friends with Jillian Barr! We've met a few times and at Nyrie's wedding I think! Loving your channel and just started following you on Instagram as well!

  20. Style Resurrection

    Your place looks fab! Its amazing what you can do with little money.

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