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DIY Platform Bed | Modern DIY Furniture Projects from HomeMade Modern



  1. андрей архипов

    Нормальным инструментом такую кривую кровать собрал капец!У нас на дачу такую не ставят даже


  3. Ikea needs you! 😱

  4. Aliento la inisiatiba, pero…no tiene un soporte en las orillas de los lados, con solo poco tiempo empesara a abrisrse provocando pequenos accidentes, el respaldo es muy pobre y esta solo sujetado con tornillos….en un mes empesara a aflojarse. la cama se ve muy linda.

  5. nice and creative !! should ask my husband to try this one :)

  6. gréât man

  7. That's a lot of work…I think I'll buy one. Good job though…looks nice!

  8. Edmundo Teles Goncalves

    muinto bom

  9. Potential design challenge: You are probably not in the mood to make another bed…but it would be really cool to see your take on a Murphy Bed system. Maybe some homemade components instead of the $300+ kits.

  10. have u ever thought of staining it

  11. magaram prajapati

    witch drill machine r u use

  12. Looks great for stubbing your toe

  13. Francky Antoine

    i would like to see your take on a cinder block platform bed

  14. Vincent Russell

    any idea on the cost?

  15. It would've been a lot better if you made a small base under the mattress to prevent it from moving around

  16. I love all of your videos! Can't wait to see more!

  17. Amazing! When do you think the full instructions will be up on the website?

  18. kaylabification

    do you ever have problems running into the platform at night? It seems like it could be a real shin banger

  19. Going to be doing this without the headboard then staining the entire thing black and hand painting mandalas on it! Thanks for the video!

  20. Houtje Boom - Be Creative

    Interersting build… but I was a little worried that the matras will move around.

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