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Double Your Money!! (Kitchen Tips)



  1. My mom literally does everything on this list except for the paper towel one

  2. I about died when daddy tried to get ice cream. I don't know HOW many times I've opened ice cream or butter containers expecting that, only to be faced with leftover adobo. XDDD

  3. Hahaha, i cracked up at Daddy looking in the ice cream container because we do that too and throw leftover food in there that would otherwise stink the garbage and just throw them out when we're throwing the garbage out the night before the trash people pick it up. lmao

  4. RnyyenmcMatter

    Lol 99,999 views XD

  5. Yup, when I got visit my Lola, most of these are done lol. Never seen orange juice containers reused though before xD
    Also, the smell test is very useful. I learned it from my mom—sometimes things expire later or earlier than their dates anyway.

  6. Double your money tips AKA Save the Environment!

  7. Fizzio Pineapple

    My Filipino friend told me about HappySlip… SO FUNNY!

  8. thumbs up if youre watching this in 2015

  9. This is my Lola😂😂😂

  10. KafkameetsPlath

    LOL we Nigerians do the same thing with the ice cream tub we put spices in there!! 

  11. haha..your mom sounds like my mom

  12. the saddest part of my viewing experience was my mother going, "oh that's a good idea!!"  it went from funny to brutal in record time.  

  13. LOLOL..I admit I water down my juices..hahahah..

  14. accurate. soo accurate.

  15. Caesar Alpuerto

    i actually did most of these tips especially saving containers for left overs to go! oh soy and duck sauce too on a Chinese food take out and recycling plastic utensils!

  16. i find this video really funny…and very Filipino..and very much like my pamily. LOL

  17. Haha I love that I have Pinoy heritage. This is so funny. Don't let my dad see this video!

  18. Too funny! My mom is guilty of ALL of this :D

  19. Jesus, I do all of this. 

  20. Sushi “Miyako” Sevii

    Sayang na man!

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