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Feng Shui Kitchen Tips Video



  1. Doesn't adding the earth element deplete the fire element since fire creates earth? If you are trying do strengthen fire I though earth wasn't a good thing to add.

  2. Natalia Kaylin

    The stove in feng shui represents wealth, the main element of the stove is Fire. In many cases when we work on strengthening our wealth we have to strengthen the Fire element of the stove. In this particular kitchen the fridge is a bit too close to the stove, this is why red tiles were chosen for the back splash. I mentioned this in the video. Red walls were not mentioned in this video at all. In some rare cases for some particular kitchens reds will not be good, but for ninety percent of kitchens a little bit of red is very good. The truth is that for the best results no video or book can replace an individual consultation.

  3. i'm confused because other feng shui experts say not to put red in kitchen because kitchen is already fire as it is.

  4. Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse

    Loved this video – nice job!

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