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Fixer Upper: Small Space Kitchen Design



  1. Fatimah Hussain

    I have a 1940s style kitchen little counter space and lots of floor.

  2. if that's tiny then my house is a doll house! I have a gallery kitchen with bench depths of 450 ml. a ands about 2 feet between to move around.

  3. 150 square feet is not that tiny. Tiny houses are only about 50-100 square feet more for the entire living space.

  4. Awesome thanks. And that's large for where we live. LOL. But the tips are awesome and so practical and sensible.

  5. Small? Haha only in America

  6. Small? Haha only in America

  7. Love your shows super a big fan .. Pliz come to sfo and remodel my future home…..

  8. Watch HGTV's new pilot "Nashville Flipped" this Sunday at 2pm ET / 1pm CT! Saving Nashville's historic homes!

  9. Only a Texan would call that kitchen small. It`s huge compared to mine.

  10. I can imagine she's the type that tells her husband to call her pretty. As in, it was never something that occurred to him to ever say but he has to say it to her or else she throws a fit. The commercial of this show the husband's compliment sound solo insincere! Me and my wife always sort of chuckle at that.

  11. Does anyone know the song/artist that plays at the very end of season 1 episode "Single Mom Starts New Life With Fixer Upper"? The lyrics are,"Now you've found your way home, You're going home". I love it and I can't find it anywhere. Thank you.

  12. tony del rosario

    This kitchen is huge. All that counter space. Does she consider it small because it's a galley?

  13. My wife says I am just like Chip which I consider  to be a huge compliment. Joanna is the best designer I have ever seen and she captures the essence of Texas living. Can't wait to see what they do with that Silo they bought close to the Baylor campus. Magnolia is a rapidly growing brand. I hope Fixer Upper goes on for several; seasons. We love it. 

  14. Vashti Williams

    i love how they took the ugliest house in the neighborhood and turns it into the best..this couple rocks..

  15. Hi happy holiday"s 2 u & ur beautiful family. I look forward 2 watch ur amazing work take place . I get so excited 2 see how beautiful & how happy u make ur clients feel. 

  16. Absolutely not a small kitchen.

  17. I watch all the house renovation shows and Fixer Upper is hands down the best!  Joanna is awesome and always amazes me with the finished product! If she lived anywhere near me here I would beg her to come design my home!

  18. I will be using some of these elements for my next rehab!  Thanks!

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