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How to decorate a living room on a really small budget!



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  1. Bridgette Wilson

    Good job hun!

  2. Christina Köfer

    I like the new fresh color of the old lamps, the combination with the brown shades

  3. how do you watch TV now

  4. nice video. too bad you. ruined those lamps painting them

  5. Wow…Great job …You're almost as good as me…lol…Only joking but you did a great job..Normally I watch these video's and laugh. However yours are more my speed. I hate spending a lot of money, when all it takes is a little creativity and design sense.Will  definitely watch more of your videos..I'm impressed. Something you may want to consider is recreating designer looks on a budget. It's something I love to do!It's all about "materials"…Leather, wood, glass, steal, and the like. Shapes clean lines, and repurposing.

  6. Beautiful lamps!

  7. I have the tiniest lounge ever and ugly big windows in wierd places there isn't a lot I can do.
    Wish you were here !

  8. the slip cover is lovely

  9. RubyOpheliaQuinn

    I like the room but how do you watch telly?

  10. No ps4 no Xbox one whaaaat

  11. you should start doing shopkins videos

  12. Kashmira Chadwal


  13. Loved this. Such a warm inviting place. My favorite is the table in front of the window.

  14. love your videos very inspiring!!!

  15. Southern Angels Btq. (Tammy)

    OMG!!! I need one of those for my sofa!!! I have the ugliest and oldest sofas but it is a good sofa and it is a sofa bed for guest since we do not have a guest room! I keep wanting to get a new more neutral looking sofa since ours is blue and I am so tired of the ugly blue sofa and blue chair but we can't afford new furniture so this would be a good way to cover it! Do they come in like an off white color? Also how much were they?

  16. I love your ideas! The room looks amazing!

  17. Great job! The black really anchors the room and the blue so perfect!

  18. Fantastic Job!

  19. Nicely done… And on a budget… Great job!

  20. thank you again – i love it – beautiful beautiful blue eyes too

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