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How to decorate a small apartment and create an entryway – Season 1 – Ep 12




  2. This video shows exactly where I'm at…. Needing to go to the hardware store and figure out how to customize what I want….. Modernizing like the charging station….excellent, excellent

  3. Thanks for sharing. Very practical.

  4. Wow. I normally don't subscribe to videos, but I did to yours. Your videos are very good and easy to follow and understand. Great ideas as well. Thank you.

  5. Is a renting you are not allow to do that in a renting… This videos are useless to me I live in a rent apt so I'm not able to do any changing… what a joke 👎👎👎👎

  6. Hey, could you please show how you mounted those into the wall

  7. Reanza Veanica Mediana

    I love your style

  8. That was an awesome project! I want to do it now. :)

  9. attaching the panel to the wall though?

  10. This is fantastic!

  11. Teresa Martinez

    Can I hire you? do you have someone who you can recommend in Boston?

  12. I might actually try this my apartment has this huge wall with nothing on it need to decorate it

  13. Just loved it! I need my own house :(

  14. Tiago Brandão

    Muito Legal

  15. beautiful

  16. ReformedTheology5

    WOW that's insane. you're incredible, never meet any female friends with these skills! you're off the charts! your husband is blessed. is there a class we can take to learn all this you learned? :)

  17. Really great idea! Love how your sweater matches the paint color :)

  18. Mammmm! You are sooo talented!!

  19. Michelle Roberts

    OMWord Isabelle LaRue…you are genius…but where were you about 20yrs ago….I love your channel…keep the ideas and projects coming!!!!

  20. waaaaa… i love ur channel

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