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Interior Design | Decorate a Small Bedroom | Small Apartment | #12 Reality Show



  1. Great video, thanks!

  2. Ijust found you online thi sweek and i have to say i love the Robeson Design approach.Sarah love your new apartment makeover looking to duplicate this look in our little apartment. Thanks so much to the Robeson Design group

  3. Ladies, I came here for some inspiration, and I most certainly found it! Your style is fun and fresh, and I am so happy I accidently stumbled across this. You definitely earned a new subscriber!

  4. I love that woman she have the finest taste ever wish she was in the area where I live. Gr8 decorator with a very high standard <3 <3

  5. this dresser… the color… the wood..where can I find one??and how much…? .

  6. copying this room !

  7. This is luxury.

  8. Amazing!!!! Seriously can your mum come and redesign my apartment

  9. createwithrightintention

    OMG, LOVED IT!!! I enjoyed it so much I subscribed! Very practical and elegant use of a small space and use of existing items to create WOW!

  10. where was the couch from? it looks so comfortable with a nice sheen.

  11. Do you guy have any tips or tricks for installing storage/bookshelves/mirrors/decorations/etc on walls in rented apartments that won't leave damage or make landlords upset? I love the mirrored walls and decor in your videos, but don't know how to swing it in a rental.

  12. They weren't small bedrooms

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  14. Way too much furniture! The shelf in far back corner makes no sense. That was total wasted space. I would have separated bed from couch. Just my opinion. I had a studio once and I used screens to separate living room and bedroom.

  15. is there a tutorial on how to do the wood wall?

  16. Debbie Trepanier

    I love it however, I want to know where you got the "very inexpensive" cabinet your mother mentioned specifically to the "landlord." I have a small kitchen and am dying to find something inexpensive just like that.

  17. Damn ! You have a RockStar Mom !

  18. I loved your video! I actually went out to rent an apartment and watched your video and was totally inspired! Your mother is a talented interior decorator. I am now inspired to decorate my new apartment with some great advice!

  19. Soo nice, i love your video

  20. great video!!!

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