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Introducing the Stealth Kitchen at Resource Furniture



  1. Damnit! If you have something really good, then just bloody hell show it off! Horrible, horrible video!

    The people who made this vid never used a kitchen, have they? I feel that they've never had to sell anything ever, either. Shit, I feel they're bad at buying things too.

    Curse you! Now I have to watch something nice just to cool the fuck down.

  2. auroraborememalice

    Watched the ad …. still have not seen the kitchen.

  3. Ashawndra Edwards

    for advertising purposes i think u guys are better off just presenting the furniture and all its different uses. this ad seemed like a definite disconnect

  4. innocent lemon

    so stupid video that i want you to die

  5. Great idea but truly shocking promo clip…

  6. This video is terrible… The concept looks very interesting though.

  7. this video makes me wanna eat aluminium foil…

  8. xinxinel xinxinel

    watched this on another site but had to come here to dislike it, worst advert in history, just show the kitchen already and stop messing about, damn that was annoying as hell

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