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Living Room Makeover Ideas – IKEA Home Tour (Episode 113)



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  1. PerniciousCarrot

    What drapes were used for this?

  2. 1:55 I was like "wtf i cant see any difference" :p

  3. What's the name of the extendable sofa at 1:22 – is this available is Australia?

  4. Thanks for your reply I really like that system the ones available now are not as nice as this one..😂😂😂 you think y'all may bring this one back in stock..!!👏🏼

  5. Love this besta wall unit , I been looking for it but I can't find it , does it come together or is it separate units ???

  6. Just watching a few of these videos from IKEA made me realize how much people do not take advantage of vertical space. Nice job team!

  7. Do the people pay for what you do

  8. Ikea, you need to open a store in Boise, Idaho

  9. Hi Ikea USA, I love the furniture concepts which help people living in small space, such as what IKEA is doing. Since I'm a blogger, can I write about these videos & share the videos in my website? Do you hve any affiliate marketing program for me to join?

  10. Եհҽվ հɑѵҽ ɑ Bօҍ MɑɾӀҽվ ҍӀɑςkҽŚԵ

  11. LittlePonyPerfection

    Baby pinkie pie!!

  12. how much did it cost

  13. 97)

  14. I loved this room. The sofa bed is amazballs. I need that in my life :)

  15. good move soldier

  16. when you come to india

  17. Stephanie Manlaran

    Do they pay for this?Do they apply for this?Do this thing took long time?Where are they going to sleep?

  18. Is this only in New York?

  19. Omg I know them lol, just stumbled across this vid.

  20. I live in Wisconsin. I wanted to order a table leg from Ikea's website. The table leg was like $5 or something, but the shipping was literally $200! I'm defiantly not ordering ANYTHING off of their website. EVER

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