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Minecraft: Living Room Designs & Ideas



  1. hi how can I make my fire stay? when I use flint and steel it goes off a second. anyway im on pocket edition

  2. this vid is so cool

  3. Katherine Nicole

    That's not pocket edition!

  4. What texture pack is this

  5. Estrellita Simeon

    Put a door in your house so nobody else go in your house

  6. What recource pack?


  8. I LOVE the living room designs…we need to all start a campaign to get him to make an updated version with the new blocks! :D

  9. Lil Peanut#1 w/ friends

    Then you combine all of them and make the best Living Room EVER!!!!!

  10. 2:29 my style too

  11. Adaleigh Nicholls

    It really annoys me when people say half slabs instead of slabs. A half slab would be a quarter of a block, NOT half of a block…

  12. Very Simple but Nice design. :))

  13. Haroon Pashtoonmal
  14. Emily Nicholson

    What is the texture pack link

  15. this is moded????????

  16. 🐷

  17. one question if everyone uses the first one why are you showing us xD

  18. can you give me the link from where you downloaded the texture pack?

  19. What is up. I have seen a couple of your videos and I like what I saw you have a lot of potential. I got this new gaming channel and was wondering would you check it out. If you like what you see Subscribe and maybe even tell some friends. Anyways thanks for your time and keep up the amazing work.

  20. Karina Morales

    Does it work in pocket edition? Great video 👍👏

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