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Modded Minecraft: Dining Room Furniture Design Ideas (StudTech Ep.18)



  1. your a very good builder

  2. Your great on making something in MineCraft Scars. 1+ Subs for u here in Philippines . :D

  3. I love you so much scar! You're such an inspiration to me! Thank you for every thing scar! 

  4. Another awesome video!  Bookcases in the dining room sounds great.  Is there a wine rack maybe?  Thanks, and have an outstanding day!    :-)

  5. Antonio Korajac

    Scar help me pls every time i tried launching studtech it always closes i tryed reinstalling it but still,same problem what do i do?

  6. Scar, the music disc holder can hold Plates. The music disc holder is in the biblio craft mod.

  7. you could use the statue mod to make chefs in your kitchen

  8. Scar you should do a wine rack in your dinning room or your kitchen and excellent work on your scar fort 

  9. Great video Scar! I'm loving the dining room! 👍🏾
    Hope you're well and keep up the super awesome work Scar :)

  10. scar my dog died yesterday and his name was toffee plz can you get a dog on minecraft and name it toffee I was really sad:( :(. my account is wfong my is actually shadow king.

  11. ETKCRAFTER 1981 (Gaming & More)

    What shader is he useing?? Please reply :)

  12. Hi Scar, I just wanted to stop by and tell you that my hubby and I really enjoy watching your videos. I think he's happy to take decorating tips from another guy, so he's not just taking orders from me, haha. Thanks for sharing your innovative tips and tricks! :D

  13. When you make the kitchen you can use a disc rack, I think from bibliotech as well, to put dinner plates in also. It's a good storage for them. Oh and great video by the way!!

  14. Have you thought about pranking someone yet? :3

  15. From StudTech ep.1 to this… You are the best in building Scar!
    I found your channel in 2013-2014 The first video i watched was Modern House Your channel has grown Scar. 🙂 

  16. Why wouldnt you just disable fire spreading. Than you could have real fireplace

  17. That_blasain_boy _steven

    im surprise thier ain't no scar mistake lol

  18. hey scar, there is also a crystal chandelier within the decocraft bench

  19. Sacred oak back(?) seat

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