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My Bedroom Tour! Budget Friendly Decorating Ideas



  1. Vinup Interior Homes

    nice video

  2. do a house tour please!!! :*

  3. Wakeup and Makeup

    Ugh I love you and your videos!

  4. Want to do some room decor and organization. Any ideas?

  5. beautiful room. stumbled upon your page by accident. question, how do you find the dust, or makeup/powder fallout without it all over your room or desk top?? any tricks? my bathroom vanity is constantly covered in a slight layer of eyeshadow or powder..thanks

  6. I'm a new subscriber 😃 been trying to watch all your videos

  7. Lovely room! I am loving your room tours … you are one lucky girl to have that beautiful big house and now to be able to decorate it, great fun! you've inspired me to try the minimalist thing too

  8. How was your experience with Z Gallerie? Did you go to the outlet? If so, what tips would you give me? 😊 awesome video btw!

  9. you r goals

  10. Very lovely ~ yes really enjoy the tours, please do more, thanks.

  11. She is the cutest thing ever

  12. New subscriber here 🙂 Love all of your videos so far! So informative and helpful. Can you please make a video on how to cooperate with your partner when it comes to organizing, cleaning and decorating a home? How was/is your hubby involved it the planning process of your home decor? Have a great weekend! xx Anna

  13. lovee your room girl 😍 em also gonna paint my room in this shade.. thats pretty awsome i must say ✌

  14. I need your advice! We have the same velvet backdrop for the king bed, what do you clean it with so you dot ruin the material /fabric to it and remove dust?? .. PLEASE REPLY

  15. Janet Dillingham

    If the mirror is not affixed to anything and is just leaning against the wall, be prepared to pick up pieces of broken mirror in the future, especially with a pet in the house.

    Ours lasted about 3 hours before our cat at the time knocked it over. It was a gorgeous mirror, like yours.

  16. LOVE. Such peace minimalism brings. I love the curtain rod end that fits against the wall due to spacing, the mirror instead of the TV, the amount of make-up and clothes (I've nailed the make-up but still need to purge my clothes) and the fact that you mentioned – like the Dude – that the rug just ties the room together. ❤️

  17. Love the decor 😍

  18. Please do a makeup collection

  19. love the simplicity and how serene it is. so glad to see more kon marie fans!

  20. Love from Dubai❤️

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