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Property Photography Tips: Interior shots 2: Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom, 1 Camera + 1 Flash



  1. Hmm. Ever thought about flashing the window in the bedroom situation so you can mask it in without that nasty haloing. Expose for outside and hit it with flash.

  2. just wondering do you use gels on your flash and how do you decide the correct white balance ?
    good video and helpful.


    And what all wide lenses should I be using?


    What were your camera settings with flash? As you're not using a tripod. Was it over 1/200 shutter speed?

  5. Just wondering if you ever use multiple flashes? I just shot an older home (1971) with wood paneling and barely any windows. I Never could have pulled it off with just one flash. Do you get homes like that?–dark?? I always wondered if you set up multiple flash units… I can't remember seeing it.

  6. is your flash on camera? great vids have always loved the ease in which you teach.

  7. many decision really depend upon what you are being paid…if you are getting a good buck then you would make two or three exposures of the bedroom to catch the view then mask them in photoshop….if it is a cheap shoot …no question – blow the window out….people have to learn they get what they pay for….I have been a photographer for over twenty years, won photojournalist of the year by the Canadian National Magazine Awards for my documentary work in Japan…have been featured in countless periodicals for my editorial and architecture work….i have done enough free shoots early in my day….i am very firm with my pricing and can be quite rude if i get called out to quote a shoot and some character promises the moon if i only do this one shoot for 400 bucks…..suck me pal…go hire a student i say…really gets tiresome…imagery has become so ubiquitous in all cultures that people think it takes nothing to make a good image…they don't realize how much practice and film we have shot over the years to get to this point..the knowledge we possess …we are at a point were we should be able to feed the kids from the proceeds of our craft…..there is my rant for the day…lol….by the way, i think you do good work…you work fast but your solutions make sense and no dicking around….cheers mate

  8. Awesome stuff dude, sub well earned!

  9. really helpful vid!

  10. is pretty cool I love

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    Great Tips for interior photography!!

  12. Great video. Good job showing how to do it.

  13. Hi, I am into real estate photography, and I was wondering if you know how to take photos of different parts of a room with flash and how to delete yourself and flash from the final picture. using photoshop and layers?

  14. Kinda look like what they are.   Pretty much just a step or two over iPad snapshots (which can be pretty good..  Done em!.) 

    If an agent really wants to sell a property, this isn't gonna quite cut it.  Yep, some agents will settle for images of this level, but if they are serious about "internet appeal" then a bit more needs to go into the imagery.  If not.. hey, it is one heck of a lot better than those iPad shots!!

  15. I think, you may produce an online course, just like Mike Kelley or Charlie Borland did.

  16. How about both HDR and composited exterior window panes. Isn't the bedroom all about that Window view?

  17. Cool! Speed is the money….

  18. Thank you very much.It's very helfull.

  19. This guy's 'technique' is the reason why estate agents do their own photography. One flash, no tripod… he's not giving his client anything they couldn't do for themselves with a decent point-and-shoot. 

  20. Hello and thanks for the tips.  Your tips for the window/room exposure is similar to how I approach it.  However, I take multiple exposures then stitch things together in post.  I shoot in raw.  I use one flash usually due to room side and controlling shadows, glare and creating as much soft ambient lighting as possible.  I find using the raw software in CS 5 horrible.  I don't think it's me as I've talked to some friends and they've told me to try photomatix as it's much better. 

    With that in mind, you shot your window and then the room in what looks like 2 exposures.  The foreground of the window shot is now very dark.  The room is well lit.  You mentioned merging that in HDR.  Can you send me a video, step by step how you did that? At this point, because the window foreground is so dark, I am guessing that photo would affect the nice well lit room shot you did during the merge.  But, I am guessing again you have tweaked some settings prior to the HDR merge so that everything will be nice and balanced.  Thank you for your time and help!

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