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Small Bathroom Design Ideas 2014



  1. Gigantic small bathroom designs

  2. Those SMALL bathrooms even bigger than my room

  3. Too small for me!

  4. Fernando Fernandez

    2:18 gave me an idea for mine, thanks

  5. i wish i can say i liked at least one design…none attracts me

  6. It doesn't help that the pictures are all pulled out of shape.

  7. "small"? lmao give me a break

  8. BJC Bathrooms and Kitchens

    I agree with comments below, I think the bathrooms are a lot larger than i was expecting to see given the small title… but lovely designs.

  9. Some great looking designs in this video, good for people really not sure on what to go for. Lots of ideas in this video.

  10. SMALL? These are larger than my dinning room! Useless for me…

  11. Are you sure you know what "small" means?

  12. Small fucking bathrooms

  13. hhhhhhhh this is small bathroom?!!!

  14. where are the small bathroom designs ? this is rude !

  15. sad to say that some of these bathrooms are bigger than my room

  16. At 1:56, what kind of ass do u need 2 have 4 a toilet like that? LOL. I know OBESIRY rates r SKYROCKETING but DAMN thats a WIDE AS TOILET!

  17. Veey serene. Very zen. Makes me ootimistic about ideas 4 my own. However NOT a lot of color. :(

  18. The idea is you get a big bathroom and it solves your small bathroom problems.  Why didn't I think of that? :)

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