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Small Space Dining Room Makeover Ideas – IKEA Home Tour (Episode 111)



  1. Michelle Johnson

    Ikea is the best. Your videos are addicting.

  2. Hi ikea I was wondering if you could makeover our living room and dining room/kitchen to

  3. i am Beyond excited that we finally are getting an Ikea in memphis ❤❤❤😍😍😍😍

  4. Alexa Weber Morales

    Great inspiration! I've been decluttering following the KonMari method (and vlogging the process), and just got done with the dining room. Some new IKEA curtains and my (now discontinued) IKEA pendant chandelier really make the space!

  5. Keith is so sexy!

  6. Keith is hot! is he single? :)

  7. u people are doing in uae also please help me 

  8. You guys are awesome but curious Question: How does Ikea decide on who's homes get a makeover?
    Is it a secret word do you pull names out of a hat? Just wanna know I have a Livingroom/Dinning room that is in desperate need of makeover. Uhm… I Love you Ikea😏

  9. looks awesome!

  10. Omg can you guys do my place it's so fugly 😭😩 please please please!!!!!

  11. Chantell Patrick

    Ikea is so inspiring

  12. Awesome! I love Ikea

  13. Why cant we do this programme in the uk?! My living room is in need of some serious storage solutions!!

  14. Another home run! Why are decorating shows so addictive ? Lol!

  15. Hi +jasaira troche  & Isaac Urquidez, thanks for reaching out! Our knowledgeable co-workers in your local IKEA store can help you with your design needs at no cost 🙂 To find your local IKEA store, visit our Store Locator here: http://bit.ly/1llqvYr Hope this helps!

  16. I would absolutely love to hire u guys only problem is that I live on a budget I would love to get some estimates atleast and I dnt even kno how to get intouch with you guys hellllp

  17. I Love Love Ikea moving into my new home next month September 15th, can't wait to have Ikea redo my kitchen!! 

  18. I love all your makeovers. Perhaps one day when I have saved up enough funds I could be privileged with a visit from you. 

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