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Tim’s Kitchen Tips — Episode 4



  1. Jonathan James

    i tried some pitzman's mustard. it's piy"z"mans by the way , not pissman's.. you accidentally pronounce it pissman's.. i tried pitzman's and it doesn't tast like piss. i also tried making mustard from concentraited piss(oops i mean urine)(i can't beleive i said that)(sorry)(about piss)(it's actually a road side cAaffe acronym for p.i.s.s. (Put In Some Sugar please) and it does not tast the same.. i hope your not replacing the pitzman's ,mustard with real piss mustard. if you are. you should switch over

  2. Something is off.

  3. Gotta have ma Pissmans

  4. Gordan Ramsay would walk in, say nothing, and blow his head off.

  5. JettBlackheart83

    Erics lips look like muuu nuts. I Did see a doctor and his diagnosis was that my nuts look like erics lips…….Dr. Wareheim my ass…..my Doctor also said my asshole looks like his lips…..which is funny because he specifically said my asshole looks like his own lips….wait. Dr. Wareheim……KAPLOWWW my mind exploded along with those things that were on my asshole. I should see a doctor

  6. Zachariah Stovall

    pay me is piss

  7. plz stop with the dips

  8. How are you ?
    Not good

  9. This name is boring

    continue the show jash

  10. refreshing a million times and this video is just a black screen and audio

  11. MorrisonHotel87

    "Gonna wanna go to an Earl-Oral surgeon for that"

  12. And fuck that piss mustard!!

  13. "im not getting money for the mustard im just getting lots of mustard"

  14. nugs69

  15. create a lane

  16. HowToBasic

  17. I tried it and it tastes sweet! Thanks, Tim!

  18. I use Pissmen's to condition my beard. I also use it on the interior of my car, my car looks brand new again and the smell of hooker is gone!

  19. I can't think of a word either…we blew it

  20. im not getting money for the mustard,im just getting alot of mustard………………

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