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What to expect in College Dorms!!! (guy’s dorm) Advice on what to bring!



  1. Jonathan Moorman

    hamsters hate sunlight dude!

  2. lol I need a tv got to watch my Giants play

  3. How much is a dorm

  4. "I have a plant just to grow for fun"
    >plant is weed
    i get it though

  5. Why are some dorms large and have multiple rooms and a bathroom, and why are some tiny and you have to leave to get to a bathroom. I'm in high school so i dont really know this stuff.

  6. Wow I love it. Unfortunately for me I will be moving to my country and live in my appartment with my mom who will be there from time to time. So I got a appartment all my self until my brother graduates in 2017. I am hyped up for college.

  7. What not to bring, a hamster

  8. I didnt even realize til I read the description. This is my college. Im a junior there.

  9. What are you and your roommate using to hang up the portraits, pictures, bulletins?

  10. I'm a junior, I just made it through freshman year with your help. Thx.
    Btw still lovin that playboy calendar.

  11. Abdulrahman bello

    hey, my name is abdulrahman, and i like your video, and am wonderinng if we could be friends if you don't mind and, i realy want to come to your college but that is if my dad allow me to come, so we can have fun together and incase if you want to konw me here is my number +2348138369917 i will love to know more about you too..

  12. Do u plan on getting to army? Us army?

  13. This is hamster he's sleeping. (screams) ANYWAYS AS YOU CAN TELL

  14. Does it come with a bathroom?

  15. Neasha “Neashaville” B

    sub to my channel for college related videos

  16. i'm just so jealous of everyone that they have a larger dorm room than i do. at my school, the typical dorm room is 10' by 15', which is absolutely puny. (and yes, i measured the room myself (it was when my roommate was in class))

  17. i'd rather cards against humanity, but taboo's fun too. (haven't gotten around to buying cards against humanity yet, played it last year (as a freshman) suuuuuper fun)

  18. why dorm room looks like a jail is all school will be simalier?

  19. Oh wow, in the UK we got it easy. Even the cheapest accommodation we will have our own room with a share kitchen and a private or share toilet.

  20. I'm going to college in 2017 and I'm foreign so I have no idea to what to bring
    So where you eat? And do you have a fridge ?

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